Three Ways To Use A Trekking Pole For Self-Defense

Posted on: 14 October 2022

Walking in the wilderness can be an enjoyable activity that both relaxes you and improves your physical fitness. While it's ideal to walk with at least one partner, you may occasionally find yourself on solo outings. In these situations, it's important to know how to defend yourself should you encounter someone or something threatening. Depending on where you are, it's possible to find yourself near a large animal that is acting in an aggressive manner or perhaps even a person who is seeking to do you harm. Using a trekking pole is useful when you walk, but this device can also be handy for self-defense. Here are three ways to defend yourself with a trekking pole.

Shoot Pepper Spray

You might think of pepper spray as something you can carry in your pocket in certain environments, but it's useful to know that you can buy trekking poles that feature a built-in can of this self-defense product. Commonly, the pepper spray can is mounted near the handle of your trekking pole, making it easy to reach when there's a need. A couple of blasts of pepper spray toward an aggressive animal will often be enough to send the animal fleeing so that you can make your escape.

Swing The Pole

Don't be afraid to use the trekking pole itself as a self-defense tool when there's a need. Holding this rigid device with both hands and swinging it like a baseball bat can be a threatening gesture to animals and people alike. A few swings should ideally prompt an animal or person to retreat and realize that you aren't going to be a victim. In the event that an animal or person gets too close, a hard swing with the pole can help you to defend yourself.

Stab With The Pole

Trekking poles are generally equipped with sharp points that allow them to dig into the ground to help with your traction as you walk. Don't overlook the value of this point when you need to defend yourself. You can grab the pole with both hands and trust the point toward any predator. The gesture alone may cause the predator to retreat, but if they continue to advance so that they're in range, you'll be able to poke them and push them back while you make your escape.

Look online for a self-defense trekking pole that you can use on your walks and rely upon in a potentially dangerous situation.