• Three Ways To Use A Trekking Pole For Self-Defense

    Walking in the wilderness can be an enjoyable activity that both relaxes you and improves your physical fitness. While it's ideal to walk with at least one partner, you may occasionally find yourself on solo outings. In these situations, it's important to know how to defend yourself should you encounter someone or something threatening. Depending on where you are, it's possible to find yourself near a large animal that is acting in an aggressive manner or perhaps even a person who is seeking to do you harm.
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  • 3 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A 9mm Handgun

    More people across the country are recognizing the benefits of having a handgun for personal protection than ever before. The 9mm is a popular handgun model that many people choose to carry on a daily basis.  Weapons manufacturers have developed multiple features that help to set the 9mm handguns they sell apart from their competitors. These varying features give you the freedom to find a gun that meets your needs, but they also require that you take several important factors into consideration before making a 9mm purchase.
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  • Why It's Important to Buy The Right Ammunition Box

    If you are a firearm owner, then you probably know it's important for you to keep ammunition on hand. After all, this is critical if you want to be able to count on your gun for personal protection or if you want to be able to head to the firing range to practice. What you might not have done yet, though, is purchase an ammunition box that you can store your ammunition in.
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