3 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A 9mm Handgun

Posted on: 9 June 2022

More people across the country are recognizing the benefits of having a handgun for personal protection than ever before. The 9mm is a popular handgun model that many people choose to carry on a daily basis. 

Weapons manufacturers have developed multiple features that help to set the 9mm handguns they sell apart from their competitors. These varying features give you the freedom to find a gun that meets your needs, but they also require that you take several important factors into consideration before making a 9mm purchase.

1. Size

The 9mm handguns available in retail stores vary significantly in terms of size. Traditional duty pistols tend to be on the larger side, while subcompact guns have a much smaller size profile.

The size of the gun that you choose matters for a couple of reasons. First, the size can affect how comfortable the gun is to shoot. A larger gun will weigh more and could cause more fatigue.

Second, the size of your 9mm will affect your ability to conceal the weapon beneath your clothing. Conceal carry permit holders typically want a weapon that will not show through their clothing.

Consider size carefully when purchasing a 9mm so that you end up with a handgun that you can comfortably shoot and carry on a daily basis.

2. Magazine Capacity

Another important factor to consider when investing in a 9mm is the capacity of the gun's magazine.

The number of rounds that you are able to fire through your weapon before reloading could mean the difference between life and death, so you want to strike the right balance between safety and comfort in terms of magazine capacity.

You can purchase modified magazines that hold more rounds than the magazine issued by the manufacturer, but these aftermarket additions can alter the way your gun fires.

Factor in your accuracy and your anticipated needs when considering the right magazine capacity for your 9mm.

3. Comfort

Your 9mm should be comfortable to handle and fire. The design of each 9mm can affect its comfort.

Guns with a shorter barrel length may not be comfortable for shooters with larger hands. A 9mm with extended grips may not feel as comfortable in the hand as a gun with short grips for someone who has small hands.

Take the time to handle each handgun by drawing, reloading, and firing before ultimately deciding which 9mm will best meet your needs. Reach out to a retailer that carries a variety of handguns, such as the SAR USA 9 mm handgun for sale for more information.