4 Ways Balance Is Essential In Baseball

Posted on: 29 August 2020

Playing baseball requires a lot of focus and discipline. One of the elements of a good baseball player is balance. Both behind the plate and out on the field, balance goes a long way in improving baseball skills. Learn about the importance of balance and how balance specifically applies to baseball actions.

1. Swings

When players swing for a pitch, a straight swing and consistent form are essential for a hit. If a body is off-balance, then the body may sway in different directions and the chances of a strike will increase as the accuracy of the swing goes down.

A well-balanced batter will remain straight, master leg movements, and swing forward without any pressure on the outer areas. Many times, players will train with a baseball balance trainer. The elevated training tool forces a player into specific stances on a raised platform. The more a player swings with the limited space, the better their balance skills will build.

2. Pitching

The raised level of a pitching mound creates a lot of balance needs for pitchers. As a pitcher releases the ball, one leg lifts up into the air and the accuracy of a pitch often depends on the balance of a pitcher.

Balance exercises will help a player learn how to stabilize their body while they pitch and create a strong muscle core to create fluid full-body movements.

3. Infielders

While playing in the infield, players need to react to hit and be on the ball as quickly as possible. Balance training would include leaning from one side to another and having quick reactions without the stiffness.

Balance training will help increase flexibility and improve the agility of a player. It takes less than a second for a ball to reach an infielder after a hit. Balance is also key for throwing the ball to first place. As a player runs, grabs the ball, and makes the throw, balance is essential for completing the play smoothly.

4. Catchers

Catches may need more balance than every other player on the field. Not only do catchers have to sit behind home plate each game, but they have to bat as well. Lower body balance in the ankles and hips is essential for catchers. The crouching position can easily cause people to wobble around and lose their balance.

A catcher with a stable balance will help them remain in position for long periods of time and react to plays as needed.

A balance system is the first step in helping baseball thrive and expand their skills in all aspects of the game. Reach out to someone in your area for baseball balance training equipment.