Use Light Up Equipment During A Nighttime Soccer Charity Event

Posted on: 29 June 2020

A nighttime soccer charity event is a great opportunity to boost your team members' morale and receive support from people in the community. People can provide monetary pledges prior to the event or can be charged a fee, in exchange for being admitted to the outdoor arena where the event will take place. One way to highlight gameplay and to aid your team members in executing kicks with precision is by investing in some light-up soccer balls, cones, and goals.

New Equipment That Lights Up

Your team members may be used to competing during the day or underneath standard lighting that is used after sunset, but think about how appealing a soccer field will look if lighted equipment is placed around the perimeter or within the confines of the arena.

The most important piece of equipment that is needed is a soccer ball. Light-up balls use a light bar or a battery that will produce a glowing effect and complement the color of the ball's outer sheath. Purchase balls that are neon-colored and either interchange them throughout the competition or plan on setting up a practice area and separate playing fields, which can be used to conduct a dual competition. For each area that is being highlighted, use light up cones and soccer goals.

Color Combinations That Demand Attention

Choose color combinations that will mesh well and that will demand attention from the members of your audience. For example, if you are going to utilize one play area and the soccer ball that is being used is a neon blue color and contains an LED bulb, choose cones that coincide with the color option or choose some opposite colors that will define specific areas of the field.

Neon yellow or green cones that light up and goals that contain light bars that run around the perimeter of the netting will make it possible for your team members and their spectators to observe each game move. If you opt for a practice area and a dual competition that will occur on multiple fields, use light-up cones to define the outside of each field.

Leave plenty of room between the makeshift fields and use the middle area as the spot where practicing will occur, prior to the beginning of the competitions. Choose two light-up soccer balls that are different colors and assign one ball to each playing field. Contact a supplier of sporting goods near you to learn more.