A Custom Singlet To Wear During Your College Wrestling Career

Posted on: 29 May 2020

If your high school wrestling career resulted in your interest in improving your wrestling skills while you are enrolled in college, wearing a singlet during training and competitions may be mandated. A custom wrestling singlet is a specialized clothing item that will allow you to comfortably train and compete.

Specific Guidelines

If you are going to be attending a secondary school that features a wrestling program, you may have the freedom to buy a custom singlet, as long as it meets specific guidelines. Worldwide wrestlers tend to refrain from wearing loose clothing that could become a hindrance while training and competing. Most coaches recommend that the members of their wrestling teams each wear a singlet that either possess a school's colors or that has a university name or team name emblazoned along the front or the back of the garment.

During your wrestling group orientation, you will be provided with information about the attire that will be acceptable during training sessions and live competitions. Wrestling singlets are a clothing item that is designed to be snug and lay flat against an individual's body.

If there is a sporting goods retailer or a specialized clothing store in the area that sells singlets, prepare a list of the acceptable features that your new singlet can possess and head to the shop in person. Try on several singlets, until you have located a size and style that fits well and is complementary to your physique. 

Custom Features

If your school's colors need to be incorporated into your singlet's design, picking one fabric color for the leg cuffs and straps and an alternate color for the trunk of the outfit will be sufficient or you can have some striping or an emblem added to the front of the singlet, which will showcase the university that you are representing. Your team name and personal name can also be added to the garment.

Lettering should be bold and dark or light in color so that it contrasts with the fabric colors that were utilized during the manufacturing of the product. Custom orders may be prepared in-house or sent to a third party for the upgrades. After your singlet has been made to order, try it on to make sure that it fits properly and to acquire a representation of what your fans and fellow teammates will observe when you approach them or compete during a live sporting event. Order new wrestling singlets from a retailer near you.