How To Choose The Right Powder Trickler

Posted on: 4 March 2020

If you've ever tried to tap a small amount of gunpowder out by hand, you know how difficult it is. It's hard to hold your hand steady and far too easy to dispense more powder than you need, which creates waste and forces you to start again. When you need precision, a powder trickler is the tool for the job. A powder trickler allows you to dispense minute amounts of gunpowder a little at a time, so you can achieve the right amount. Here are three tips that will help you purchase the right powder trickler for your needs:

1. Decide if you want an electric or manual powder trickler.

Manual powder tricklers are an older form of technology. They don't require batteries or an alternative power source. Instead, they dispense powder when you turn a knob. Many people enjoy the full control a manual powder trickler gives them. The rate of dispensation is totally in your hands. However, manual powder tricklers are less efficient than electric ones. People who use their powder tricklers often, sometimes prefer electric tricklers since the automation allows them to finish measuring powder quicker.

2. Figure out if you need a built-in scale.

Precision is the entire goal of a powder trickler. The ability to dispense small amounts of powder is useful, but you need to be able to measure the powder in order to achieve the correct amount for your reload. Some people prefer to have a separate scale for the task. People who appreciate analog solutions may like a beam scale that uses sliding weights instead of electronic sensors. If you prefer to need only one piece of equipment for reloading, you may prefer a powder trickler that has a scale already built-in.

3. Decide if you want to invest in a programmable powder trickler.

Some powder tricklers are even more technologically advanced. In addition to being electronic, they are also programmable. This is useful for anyone who spends a lot of time reloading and works with many different cartridges. Instead of having to remember the exact amount of powder necessary for each cartridge, you can program the data into your powder trickler. Simply make the right selection when it's time to reload, and your powder trickler will handle the rest for you. People who are less concerned with the art of reloading their cartridges and more concerned with efficiency may prefer this tool.