PT&E Vendor Policy
Revised 4/5/05

Premier Tournaments & Events (PT&E) recognizes that the presence of retailers and/or merchants (vendors) of trading card games and related accessories at our events provides a valuable service to our customers. The following policy describes the terms under which PT&E allows vendors to attend our events.

1. Vendors are permitted at all events that do not occur at a local comic and/or gaming store in the event area, and are allowed by the event venue.

2. For most qualifying events, PT&E will offer openings for a maximum of three (3) vendors. Each opening will consist of up to two (2) tables, either 8-feet or 6-feet in length with two (2) chairs. Additional tables may be made available at PT&E’s discretion based on available venue space. High-attendance premier events may have openings for up to six vendors; if so, this will be stated on the event-specific webpage.

3. The per table cost for a vendor attending a PT&E event will be listed on the event-specific page on PT&E’s website (www.ptegames.com).

4. Two calendar months prior to any scheduled event, openings will be made available to any and all interested vendors. For example, if an event is scheduled for November 17, openings will be made available September 17.

5. To reserve an opening, vendors are required to submit a written request via e-mail to ptegames@cox.net. Once received, a confirmation message will be sent and vendors will have ten (10) days to submit a 50% nonrefundable deposit, or the reservation becomes invalid.

6. Once the deposit has been paid, the vendor will be listed in the vendors area on the event-specific page on PT&E’s website (www.ptegames.com). If provided by the vendor, a link to the vendor’s website will be displayed.

7. A single vendor may not in advance reserve all three openings for an event. However, fourteen (14) days prior to the event date, if the initial deposit has been paid and no other vendor has made a reservation, the first vendor may reserve the other two openings if desired.

8. A vendor reserving one (1) opening agrees to purchase the use of a minimum of one (1) table for the entirety of the event. A vendor reserving all three openings agrees to purchase the use of a minimum of three (3) tables for the entirety of the event.

9. The remaining balance for any openings is due to PT&E four (4) hours after the scheduled start time of the event.

10. Vendors are allowed to buy, trade, or sell any and all cards, accessories, and related merchandise at any price mutually agreeable to them and their customers.

11. Vendors may not sell food or drink of any kind without prior authorization from PT&E and the event venue.

12. Vendors may not sell, trade, display, or offer any illegal or objectionable materials as defined by local law and standards of conduct set forth in the game rules governing the event. Vendor agrees to consult PT&E prior to the day of the event concerning the appropriateness of any items that may be questionable.

13. PT&E reserves the right to sell merchandise related to the event. Invocation of this right does not violate provision #2 of this document and PT&E will not be defined as a vendor. This includes, but is not limited to, prerelease T-shirts and event marketing materials (posters, banners, etc.). PT&E also reserves the right to offer and accept entry fees for raffles, drawings, and related games.

14. PT&E makes no guarantees or warranties concerning event attendance or vendors’ sales. Vendor understands that any and all fees paid to PT&E for openings at events are nonrefundable due to sales performance or attendance.

15. PT&E reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. If PT&E is required to cancel an event for any reason, the total fees paid by vendors (including deposits) will be refunded no later than fifteen (15) days after the scheduled date of the event.